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Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing


Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing. Focus on what your goals are and on what u want out of life.

For example maybe you like to travel a lot. Perhaps you like to fly first class. Maybe you want to have a jet one day. Perhaps you want to have enough residual income that you are truly financially independent.

The other night I was getting discouraged about the fact that so many infomarketer “players” are ahead of me…

I kill it in the real estate game and am known in my local area for flips and buying and holding. But in the info marketing world, I am only known to a select few players. I am not a “top dog” (yet) in this arena. I want to have a reputation in the info/online marketing world. I enjoy walking into a room and having my reputation speak for me.

Point being; the next day I remembered not to obsess with what everyone else was doing or how ahead of me they are. If you focus on that – you will feel like u can’t catch them.

I need to focus on what I want out of life and what I want out of my businesses.

–Not to mention what u focus on grows! So if you focus on how ahead other people are of you in a niche, that will grow. If you focus on your positives and focus on hitting your goals, that will grow–

By blocking out what everyone else is doing and re-focusing on what I want for me. I was  then able to move forward and hit my goals.

It doesn’t matter what everyone else is doing. I need to put my head down and focus on what I want out of life. (And you need to do the same).

Other people’s success or bragging rights does not affect whether or not I hit my goals in life. And it does not affect whether you hit your goals either.

I wrote this blog article to myself, to remind me of how to re-focus and re-excite myself and not get bogged down. After reviewing it, I felt that my readers could benefit from it too. The truth is even though I am considered a success to many, I still wish to constantly grow and challenge myself and surround myself with those that are greater than I. This is the only way you can truly grow.