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Who are the best banks in the world?


I just read an article profiling the World’s Best banks. The article is posted by  CNBC and mentioned some banks I’ve heard of like JPM Chase and some banks I never even knew existed!

What do you do when you read an article relevant to your business? Do you read it? Print it? Do you save it as a favorite with intentions of reading it one day?

Sometimes we have the best of intentions but they get lost with all the hustle and bustle in life. My advice is to act with a sense of urgency. For example when a friend forwarded me this article, I quickly read it and made a list of the banks listed. I printed it and put it in a folder to share at my next Business Credit Workshop.

Furthermore, I put together a challenge for my Business Credit Workshop attendees to call these banks and see what their options are for business credit cards, loans and lines of credit. The results are going to be posted at the Business Credit Workshop Blog and on our Facebook Fan Page. My goal is that by taking this activity, it will benefit many, not just me…

You can check it the CNBC article yourself at: