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Time for Some FUN!

Ello folks! This summer (as with many anticipated summers), I want to have as much fun as possible. Truth be told, its why I work so hard (so that I can play hard). So far, I have been lucky enough to spend time with family, have pool parties, bbqs, lots of 3d movies, gym time, basketball and some fitness games/courses (kind of like mud-runners). Recently, my genious of a friend, Steve-o, invited us to goto Skirmish USA Paintball. And I’m super excited!

My friend’s been there before and it’s crazy. They’ve got “attack the castle”, private fields, wooded fields and even “Invasion of Normandy”! Its gonna be so much fun. Everyone I’ve spoken to on the phone has been very helpful answering all my questions and if you look at the pictures below, you can see how awesome they set things up!

We are going with a big group, so it’s gonna be awesome. I haven’t played in like 8 years!

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