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Fake it ’till you make it


I just wanted to share some advice I gave to a recent student of mine…

In the begining years of business, specifically as a real estate investor, a lot of this game is faking it ’till you make it. You need to sound confident and act confident. Even if you are not confident, just ask yourself what WOULD you do if you WERE confident? Then simply do what you think a confident person would do. before you know it, you will be confident.

If you want to sound like a player, who is doing deals and has the “cookie”, then act that way and eventually you will believe it. Its not easy in the beginning, but then again, anything with an enormous payoff is never easy, its just worth it.

The reason I sound so confident, when I speak to prospects is because every day, I tell myself that I am a player, a winner, I am the man and that I have the cookie!

If you believe you have the best thing since sliced bread and you convey that to the other party, then they too will start to believe it.

“As a man thinketh, he doeth.”

Here’s the bottom line: the difference between winning and losing is the way you think. Yes, that’s it.

95% of your actions are subconscious. If you train your subconscious, to believe you are a winner, or that people love to hang out with you, or that you are financially independent, then eventually you will act this way…

You must expect to succeed, in order to succeed. If you are constantly thinking about failure or fearing failure, then failure becomes your focus. What you focus on grows, so focus on success and believe in yourself. If this is hard for you, then start telling your self daily that you are a great success and when a negative thought enters your head, immediately rebuke it and say something positive.

Think about it: all day you talk to yourself. So if you are always having negative thoughts and this is normal, then can’t you start to constantly have positive thoughts and this becomes normal?

Controlling the way you think and training your brain (which is a muscle), is one of the key components to my success and will be yours I guarantee it!

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