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Hello world!


Hi there!

Welcome to my blog! This will be a great journey and I’m glad to see you made it. Let me share a little about myself…

I Enjoy Helping People Achieve their Dreams. I went from working for someone else, hating my job; to finding freedom. I had no idea there was such a BETTER life out there. Many people made differences in my life and I’d like to do the same for others.

My favorite thing to do: Travel the the Caribbean! The reason I work so hard is so that, one day soon; I will be able to do what I want, When I want, With Whoever I Want for As Long as I want! How ’bout you?

How do I Make Money? I help Business Owners and Real Estate Investors Obtain Large Lines of Unsecured Business Credit. I Also Run a Business where my Office Processes Short Sales. I started as a Real Estate Investor 3 years ago and went full time 1.5 years ago. My boss asked me to pick one path or the other. Looking back…I’m really glad he did. I had to choose between making a years worth of income in a year or making a years worth of income in a month. Guess which direction I picked?